‘Carrick Wildon’
Goldner, 1987

The West Bend Labyrinth Garden is honored to be an American Hemerocallis Society Display Garden.

Hemerocallis is the scientific name for daylilies, derived from Greek words for “beauty” and “day.”  Each daylily flower is open for only one day.

Display Gardens were started as a way to expose the public to a wide variety of modern daylilies well suited for the area.  The Labyrinth Garden’s daylily collection is moving towards highlighting daylilies from regional hybridizers.  These flowers are more than pretty faces, they survive our winters!



“The American Hemerocallis Society, Inc. (AHS) is a non-profit organization founded in 1946. The AHS is organized exclusively for educational and scientific purposes, and especially to promote, encourage, and foster the development and improvement of the genus Hemerocallis and public interest therein.” For more information visit